Ocean Rev P

This picture was taken on Craigville Beach, one of the many beautiful places on Cape Cod where I live, and where I work with people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Often Cape Cod is equated with vacations, beautiful beaches, fun in the sun and of course the Kennedy Family. Often it’s hard to imagine that there is such an enormous issue of homelessness here in this place. And yet, lack of affordable housing, lack of a living wage, and domestic violence all contribute to homelessness here on the cape.
In my ministry I work to increase understanding and cultivate compassion for people who are experiencing homelessness while providing spiritual care for the homeless community: the most beautiful, strong, courageous and resilient people I’ve ever been blessed to meet. You can join me as a ministry partner through my work at South Congregational Church in Centerville where we are a learning community; working to end the stigma of homelessness, mental illness and substance misuse.
Soon I will be moving towards creating a safe outdoor space for people who experience homelessness to gather, to sing songs of hope and forgiveness and grace, to connect to self, to others and to the Divine.
Thank you for listening and don’t hesitate to contact me if you, too, have a heart for ministry with those who experience homelessness.