Welcome!  I’m one of those people persons who want to get to know you and want you to get to know me.   So…..here’s my story:

All my life I wanted to be a music teacher.  I was fortunate enough to be able to do that for many years, teaching people of all ages at music schools, in the classroom and in a private studio.  I also have been the music director for many, many theater groups; conducting orchestras, scoring shows, and playing in the pit.  What a joy to be able to spend so many years doing something that I love so much.

Along the way, I became the substitute musician at a small church in Hudson Mass.  I was only supposed to be there for a few weeks and ended up being there for over eight years.  This is a God moment my friends, because I had pretty much written off church in my life.  This experience went from being a “gig” to being one of spiritual discovery and feeling the unconditional love of Christ through these church members and this little church.

After moving to Cape Cod, and joining South Congregational Church, I was able to continue to my music ministry and so much more.  At South Church I became involved in ministry teams, in mission work, Christian education and church vitality.  Working on church vitality led me to seminary, with the hopes of becoming an interim minister. Even though my head was in church leadership, my heart was being pulled towards ministry with vulnerable populations.

As part of a border crossing class,  I spent a summer working at a women’s shelter.  There, a guest of the shelter told me that she used to go to church, but “church is for good people and I don’t belong there.”  My heart broke.  I experience church as a place of love and compassion, of healing and wholeness.  It was that God moment that moved me onto the path of ministry with those experiencing homelessness.

I graduated from Andover Newton Theological Seminary in May of 2017 and was  ordained in July of 2018 as the associate Pastor at South Congregational Church.  In addition, I am the Spiritual Care Provider at Duffy Health Center where I work with people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.  Once a month I team up with local pastors and lay people to provide outdoor worship in Hyannis, bringing together the housed and un-housed; providing compassionate understanding and acceptance, inspiring hope, and sharing  God’s unconditional love for all.

You can find me at South Congregational Church at the piano most Sundays, at Duffy Health Center in Hyannis during the week, or message me through this website.  I’d love to hear your story!