We’re Back

On Sunday September 27, Here Now Ministries was once again able to offer an outdoor worship service, bridging those who are sheltered and unsheltered on Cape Cod. Because of the coronavirus we have not met since February and so this truly was a grand celebration and there were so many wonderful things to celebrate.

It was a beautiful day with lots of people walking on Main Street Hyannis, wearing masks and mostly appropriately distanced. Several people stopped by to see what we were doing and were invited into our worship service.

We received many donations of food, clothing, blankets, care packs with masks and hand sanitizer. We were able to offer these on a large banquet table for anyone in need.

We had amazing music offered by Marcia and John on piano and guitar.

We had 20 people join together in worship using the program “Unravelled” which speaks so beautifully to finding God in the unexpected circumstances of our lives.

Pastor Tina led us in a joyful communion feast. With arms outstretched, Pastor Tina gathered us in at a table where there is a place for everyone. Communion was served in individual bags so that we could all safely share in this feast.

Many stayed for snacks and fellowship, musicians gravitated towards musicians making plans for next months service, seeing where they could collaborate. A young man who asked for prayers for his mom who was just diagnosed with breast cancer was engaged in conversation with a woman who is a 22 year cancer survivor. Friends joyfully caught up after being in isolation for months. Everywhere there was mutual compassion and caring. God’s Love shined in each of our faces. This day was truly a feast of God for the all of God’s beloved people.

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