Everybody Preaches

This past Sunday we were under a tropical storm watch and our outdoor worship was scheduled to happen in the middle of the storm. We are committed to “showing up” and so we put our snacks, socks and toiletries in the back of the car and headed out, intending to simply bless, pray and send anyone who stopped by on their way with items they may need.

As we gathered, the day cleared a bit and it seemed that we could worship together and so we welcomed everyone into this small gathering and we prayed. Prayers were lifted for people living with substance use disorders, for affordable housing to be available for those in transitional housing – thinking about the next place they might lay their heads, prayers were lifted for global issues, for those who have passed into the heavenly realm. Pastor Tina wrapped these prayers together in a beautiful pastoral prayer.

Together we read the Ephesians passage about “Putting on the armor of God.” As a pacifist I struggle with this language of war; however, our congregants helped me to see this passage very differently. Because everyone preaches at Here Now Worship services, our participants shared that this passage helped them to feel powerful when so many things in their lives have made them feel like their power has been taken away.

Restoring power, lifting up everyone’s worth, holding all in love….that is our mission at Here Now. I pray that it is empowering to be asked how God is speaking to and through each individual, I pray that people recognize that all of us can minister to each other. Pastor Tina, our ministry team and I simply set the table for this feast of connection and sharing of God’s love for all.

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