Worthy and Deserving

Do you ever consider what you deserve, what you are worthy of having or receiving? There are so many things in our lives that we simply have, and often don’t consider if we are worthy of having them; running water, electricity, clothes, positive and healthy connection with other humans, or some sort of dwelling that…Read more »

What’s in a name……

Yesterday we had our outdoor worship service. It was a beautiful early fallday, lots of people out on Main street who were able to see this lovelygathering on the lawn of the Baptist Church. I can honestly say that we are metwith kind curiosity by those visiting Hyannis; lots of smiles, sometimes peoplestop briefly. It…Read more »


There’s been a lot of talk lately about the great need for kindness. 18 plus months into the pandemic with a deep societal desire to “return to normal” with no “normal” in sight, we are losing patience, we are frustrated and taking it out on ourselves and others, and we are deeply in grief over…Read more »

Everybody Preaches

This past Sunday we were under a tropical storm watch and our outdoor worship was scheduled to happen in the middle of the storm. We are committed to “showing up” and so we put our snacks, socks and toiletries in the back of the car and headed out, intending to simply bless, pray and send…Read more »