The Eye Contact Challenge

This past Sunday I preached about a new challenge that I’m putting out there for people to enjoy….it doesn’t require blindfolds, or detergent or bone chilling water, it’s the simple act of making eye contact with people that we pass on the street or in the mall, or at the post office.  As we become…Read more »

Witness To Tears

This past week someone asked me to sit with them while they cried.  They are living in a group home and have been told not to cry because it is perceived as fake and unnecessary.  I sat with her and she told her story,  and cried big, real tears of frustration, of deep sadness, of…Read more »

Rape Culture

On Tuesday I attended a workshop on suicide prevention.  On Wednesday, I stayed home to cry. I thought about the people that I meet with or people in my life; those who live with substance misuse, self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicidality as their baseline.  Most of these people are women and most of these people…Read more »

Words from a Friend

I’ve made a friend.  Like so many homeless people in our nation or in our communities, this friend watches out for people experiencing homelessness.  He is homeless himself. By day he patrols the streets to be sure that the rest of those living on the streets are safe.  He keeps them safe by bringing them…Read more »

Ministry Partners

South Congregational Church  is my home church and the place where I worship, share joys and concerns, teach, sing, and pray.  South Congregational’s mission team is working to reduce the stigma of homelessness and substance misuse while supporting the creation of an outdoor ministry for people experiencing homelessness. Youth Street Reach  offers mission education for…Read more »


This week my heart breaks for the many people experiencing homelessness that have expressed that they feel oppressed, that they feel like systems are set up against them, that they feel  hopeless. One gentleman, a vet struggling with mental illness, says that all he wants is some sort of shelter and the opportunity to work…Read more »