We’re Back

On Sunday September 27, Here Now Ministries was once again able to offer an outdoor worship service, bridging those who are sheltered and unsheltered on Cape Cod. Because of the coronavirus we have not met since February and so this truly was a grand celebration and there were so many wonderful things to celebrate. It…Read more »

Born, Lived, Died

For a couple of weeks now I have had this gentleman on my mind.  I have seen empty shopping carts in odd places, and immediately thought of him and wondered how he is, where he is, how is he adjusting to life in viral shut-down.  Just now,  I found out that he has passed away. …Read more »

Longest Night Prayer

We had our annual memorial service last night for those who died while homeless or formerly homeless.  It was a moving ceremony; bagpipes, song, poems, scripture, candles, names read, bells tolling.  I was asked to offer the final prayer, which I’d like to share with you now.   Holy One:  We are here to mourn…Read more »

A pretty perfect day…

This morning I had a chance to go to the Youth Street Reach breakfast in which youths from various churches gather to hear from our people who are experiencing homelessness.  The kids cook breakfast, serve, and offer clothing to those who are in need.  This is a wonderful ministry and one that helps to break…Read more »